What Technology?

Assistive, Alternate, Accessible.

Assistive Technology (A.T.) is specially designed support hardware and software which helps people with special needs (including dyslexia) to be more efficient and independent at home, in education and in the workplace. It often enables better use of mainstream technology.

The Disabled Students Allowance and Access to Work are available to some dyslexic people. The Home Access scheme was for low-income families with school-aged children, which included some dyslexic families. The software supplied included some assistive technology.

Alternative Formats are versions of printed text, often digital. Accessible Formats page gives details of providers for dyslexia, and options of technology for users to convert print materials into their preferred format easily and quickly.

‘Accessible Formats’ is a more useful term because many documents, including web pages, are only available in one format, i.e. electronically. Accessibility to information is a legal obligation under the
Disability and Equality Act 2010.
The B.D.A. has an Accessible Formats Policy pdf file.

Mainstream hardware with useful facilities for dyslexia includes: 

  • Desktop, laptop or netbook computers.

and small mobile devices: 

  • Scanning pens and scanners.
  • Mobile phones.
  • PDAs and electronic organisers.
  • Electronic book readers.

Assistive Technology support software for dyslexia includes:

These powerpoint slides have some suggestions.  They take a few minutes to download. Once the screen opens, click on Slideshow to watch the slides. Press Esc to finish. 

Some useful hardware.

How I.C.T. helps your dyslexic child.

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