Jisc on exams

The Joint Information Systems Committee, (see Wikipedia description of Jisc) has issued guidelines for digital examinations, like the Scottish ones posted recently. B.D.A. NTC contributed to these guidelines.

They encourage schools to take advantage of digital exam formats for print-impaired learners.
1. Blog post.
2. Guidance for candidates.
3. Guidance for centres.

It is of particular interest to note that candidates who qualify for a reader can use Text to Speech software for all subjects, including some for which they cannot have a human reader, e.g. English, Welsh and foreign language GCSEs; Welsh and foreign language A-levels and Functional Skills English assessments. The schools need to record evidence that it is the candidates’ ‘normal way of working’.

See B.D.A. tech pages on Examinations, Computer Readers and Exam pens.

B.D.A. New Technologies Committee. June 2015.
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