Dyslexic use of an iPad

A teacher reports on senco-forum:

A sixth former uses her i-Pad (everyone in Year 12 was given one by the school) to take a photo of the whiteboard in lessons when the teacher has finished writing on it. Then she can listen carefully without having to take notes and missing some of the detail.

She also photographs worksheets, coursework etc. She has very well organised folders on her i-pad and also uses it to take notes and write her answers in class. She then regularly e-mails everything to herself and prints it off or files it.

She only takes one A4 notebook into school and uses it for all 4 subjects that she is studying. When the notes are full she pulls the pages out and files these into individual subject folders at home. Her teachers were doubtful at first but now love the idea.

She always has her notes etc. to hand on the i-Pad and so is rarely caught out.

A teacher has been allowing students in the sixth form to take a photo with their mobile phones of the whiteboard when she has written notes etc. on it. She then tells them to Twitter anyone who isn’t in the lesson, and Twitters it herself so that everyone can see the board.

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