On-line Dyslexia Teacher Training

Dyslexia International Tools and Technology (DITT), an international support group based in Brussels, has developed an open education resource that will make it possible for teachers and trainers across the world to access the free quality resources they need to address dyslexia.

HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, speaking as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Patron of the World Dyslexia Forum in February 2010, highlighted the e-Campus as an ‘ecologically and economically sound solution’ to the acute lack of teacher training.

Now the OAK Foundation is generously proposing to sponsor the creation of the e-Campus with €100.000 across two years, on condition that matching funding is found.

See more information about the e-campus, or to make a donation to help the provision of online teacher training for dyslexia support, please contact Dyslexia International.

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